Turning spaces
into places.

an integrated approach to architecture, 

interior design, concept development and place-making.



Concept development

 We develop spatial concepts for local and corporate brands by incorporating the experience of the brand into buildings and interiors.  Our methode is telling a story using space and architectural elements as narratives. 

What makes us unique is our integrated approach to architecture, strategy and innovation value.

We design buildings, interiors and spaces, but foremost we make "places".

-Pouyan Mehdizadeh , director

Fusion architecture

Every climate and culture has a defined and refined architectural style with its own unique solutions and sensibility.

With an extensive knowledge and background in different trends and global architecture we tend to incorporate certain architectural solutions by a creative fashion  in order to costumize and personalize designs and strategies for our clientle. 


   House of Amud is an international and  multidisciplinary design house where architecture, urban realm, fashion and extraordinary aesthetics meet. We design, develop and transform buildings and the urban environment by infusing individuals, lifestyles and bespoke aesthetics. 

The city of tomorrow should respond to its inhabitants based on their lifestyle and adapt accordingly. Project Amud is initiated based on this unique vision to contribute to a modern, customized and also responsive built environment. 

Fusion is the future.


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Please feel free to contact us for an appointment at our office. 

You will be guided through our process and provided with any consulting and/or design asssitance you require.

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